Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wedding Photography at the Edwards Gardens - Toronto Botanical Garden, The Avenue Banquets, Jewish traditional wedding

Wedding Photography at the Edwards Gardens - Toronto Botanical Garden, The Avenue Banquets, Jewish traditional wedding
Anna’s entrance from the top of the staircase marked the beginning of the new couple’s wedding celebration on June 9th, 2011. More details on www.juliesgallery.com

There were smiles and all kinds of positive emotions as the new couple and their families got ready for a photo in front of the fountain at Edward’s Gardens.

We were very fortunate to have the lovely weather on the day to capture so many beautiful photos of Anna and Ilia. The closeness of the couple could not be better expressed than the groom having his arms around his bride in a back-hug...

...or the emotions they have shown as they spent time together on the bridge

...or how much affections they have for each other as they posed for this photo by the tree.

This candid shot caught the playful moment of the new couple at the Toronto Botanical Garden.
The wedding ceremony took place at The Avenue Banquets. Anna and Ilia continued to show their positive emotions as they smiled for this photo from inside the limousine.

Signing of the ketubah ceremony

With her parents by her sides, Anna walked down the aisle to meet with Ilia to exchange their marriage vows.

The two were officially married. Congratulations Anna and Ilia!

The wedding reception also took place at The Avenue Banquets, an elegant venue for the celebration.

Cocktail wedding reception at The Avenue Banquets Hall

More wonderful moments of the new couple were captured again in a series of candid shots:

The Entrance, taken when Anna and Ilia made their entrance into the hall.

The Wedding Toast

The Dance. The couple’s first dance was so glamorous and dream-like under the spectacular lighting and mist.

And finally, the kiss.
It was our pleasure to photograph for this lovely couple’s wedding. We wish them all the best in their journey up ahead!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful wedding venue indeed.. Congratulations to you both!!

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