Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding at the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church and Alexander Muir Park

It was a very special day for Arthur and Carolina; and it was our pleasure to photograph for this lovely new couple. The couple first had their sacred ceremony at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (Toronto, Ontario), followed by a break at the beautiful Alexander Muir Gardens before their wedding reception later that evening.
Carolina’s Victorian style wedding dress was elegantly designed, with beads finely embroidered to the upper portion of the gown. For more details please visit
Matching her dress were a pair of silver heels and accessories, as well as a beautiful bouquet of
white roses symbolic for purity, innocence, and virtue.
Preparation for the ceremony was full of excitement and anticipation, as we could tell from Carolina’s eyes. After some final touch-up and making sure that all her jewelleries were on to compliment her gown, Carolina was off to meet her groom for their sacred sacrament.
Arthur and Carolina’s ceremony took place at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, a very sacred place where their marriage was blessed in the presence of the Lord.
Two groomsmen and the best men were waiting for the couples at the front of the church.
As the ceremony progressed, the best man brought forward the wedding rings to the priest, who then blessed them before giving them to the new couple.
At the altar, the priest presented the blessed wedding rings to Arthur and Carolina, who exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss as husband and wife.
Friends and family congratulated the new couple at the end of the Mass, as they made their way out
of the church through the centre aisle.
After the ceremony, the new couple headed to Alexander Muir Gardens in their limousine
to spend some time outdoors before their reception that evening.
Carolina and her bridesmaids looked gorgeous on the steps of the architectural stone balcony.
But Arthur and his groomsmen also looked spectacular in front of the stone structure!
Time with friends was followed by some private time along in the trails of Alexander Muir Gardens.
From the warm smiles and expressions of joy, it was obvious how much love the new couple shared for each other!
As they walked deeper into the park, Arthur and Carolina came across a shaded area
where they rested for a while to enjoy the environment around them.
It was such a precious moment!
It even gave time for Arthur to appreciate, again, how beautiful his wife is!
The couple got more playful by the time they reached the end of the trail.
Carolina looked especially stunning against the orange maple background,
which brought out the fine details of her dress and her facial features.
That evening, the new couple had their wedding reception at a very fancy banquet hall.
We were thrilled to see how happy they worked together as they cut their wedding cake.
A toast to the bride and groom. We wish them all the best in their long journey ahead.
Congratulations, Arthur and Carolina!


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