Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Traditional Chinese wedding reception ceremony

Traditional Chinese wedding reception ceremony
Chinese wedding reception for Anita and Ming.
The wedding reception began with the bride in a Victorian style wedding dress. In these photos are Anita’s final preparations with her mother just before her groom arrived. More details on www.juliesgallery.com

Anita wore an elegant veil with her beautiful white wedding dress.
A portrait shot of the bride showed that Anita’s jewelleries, especially the fine pearl necklace, were great compliments to her perfect make-up and hair!
Ming wore a tuxedo with golden cufflinks. After some final preparations, he was ready too.
So much time was spent waiting. Anita had to look out the window several times to see if Ming had arrived. A close-up photo of her expression revealed how much she was already missing her groom.
The men were also waiting patiently outside.
When the white limousine had finally arrived at the location of the venue, Anita and Ming made their way into the banquet hall and were greeted by their family and friends. The banquet hall was decorated with a red and gold theme.
A part of the wedding ceremony also took place at the banquet hall, with the proclamation of marriage by signing the legal documents. After that, the two were officially married.
Everyone congratulated the new couple. The big warm smile on Anita’s mother’s face showed how happy she was for her newlywed daughter.
After the new couple exchanged rings, they had a “cross-glassed drinking” ceremony, signifying a wedding vow in the Chinese culture.
Later that night, Anita changed into her Qun Kwa, a traditional Chinese red wedding dress.
The new couple was very playful and friendly, and we had a great time photographing for their wedding celebration.
Here is a close-up photo of Anita’s painted nails and her Qun Kwa, which is beautifully embroidered with a phoenix and a dragon, respectively representing the female and the male in the marriage.

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